Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soundtrack to My Life

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars- It's been stuck in my head alllll dayyyy, most likely because I really don't feel like doing anything today.  I am the ultimate procrastinator and love to put things off as far as I can, even though I really hate that about myself (and all of this shitty weather isn't helping).  Plus the music video is kinda hilarious. (It wasn't working on YouTube when I tried it, but this website has the video too)


"The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson- This song has sort of ended up being "our song" for me and my boyfriend.  I know, I would probably think "gag me" if anyone said that to me, but as cheesy as it is I love this song.  It is very sweet, laid-back, and uncomplicated, much like our relationship, well most of the time... I always crack up at the part where she says "I'll buy you Rogaine/ When you start losing all your hair" because my boyfriend comes from a family of all bald men, so he is very afraid of going bald and even before I heard this song I always joked with him about how I would buy him Rogaine. 


"Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green- Even though this song is now totally over-played, I still love it.  I always sing along everytime it comes on.  It also reminds me of my best friend, Alyssa.  She is studying sign language at UW-Milwaukee and lives in a special section of her dorm where her whole floor is either people who have some level of hearing disablility or are currently studying sign language.  Whenever they listen to music they always sign along with the songs so everyone can "hear" and so now whenever I listen to this song I use one of the few signs I remember from that weekend over and over again...


"Claire de Lune" by Claude Debussy- I know It's a bit strange to have "Fuck You" and a piece of classical piano music as both describing me, but I'm a bit strange.  I took formal piano lessons for 10 years starting when I was 4.  But really who started getting me to play was my mom.  She used to play songs for my brother and I while we danced around the room.  She also started teaching me piano before I took formal lesson. She would teach me a few things and if did well I got a peanut butter cup.  My mom was also my #1 fan and supporter.  After I stopped taking lessons (because I got as good as my teacher) I taught myself how to play "Claire de Lune" and I think it is a gorgeous song (maybe you've heard it in Ocean's Eleven?).  This video is kinda crappy sound quality but I love how it shows how many notes you actually play.  One thing I really miss about being at school is being able to play piano whenever I want.  The one thing I miss the most here at school is my family, especially my mom.


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