Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soundtrack to My Life

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars- It's been stuck in my head alllll dayyyy, most likely because I really don't feel like doing anything today.  I am the ultimate procrastinator and love to put things off as far as I can, even though I really hate that about myself (and all of this shitty weather isn't helping).  Plus the music video is kinda hilarious. (It wasn't working on YouTube when I tried it, but this website has the video too)


"The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson- This song has sort of ended up being "our song" for me and my boyfriend.  I know, I would probably think "gag me" if anyone said that to me, but as cheesy as it is I love this song.  It is very sweet, laid-back, and uncomplicated, much like our relationship, well most of the time... I always crack up at the part where she says "I'll buy you Rogaine/ When you start losing all your hair" because my boyfriend comes from a family of all bald men, so he is very afraid of going bald and even before I heard this song I always joked with him about how I would buy him Rogaine. 


"Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green- Even though this song is now totally over-played, I still love it.  I always sing along everytime it comes on.  It also reminds me of my best friend, Alyssa.  She is studying sign language at UW-Milwaukee and lives in a special section of her dorm where her whole floor is either people who have some level of hearing disablility or are currently studying sign language.  Whenever they listen to music they always sign along with the songs so everyone can "hear" and so now whenever I listen to this song I use one of the few signs I remember from that weekend over and over again...


"Claire de Lune" by Claude Debussy- I know It's a bit strange to have "Fuck You" and a piece of classical piano music as both describing me, but I'm a bit strange.  I took formal piano lessons for 10 years starting when I was 4.  But really who started getting me to play was my mom.  She used to play songs for my brother and I while we danced around the room.  She also started teaching me piano before I took formal lesson. She would teach me a few things and if did well I got a peanut butter cup.  My mom was also my #1 fan and supporter.  After I stopped taking lessons (because I got as good as my teacher) I taught myself how to play "Claire de Lune" and I think it is a gorgeous song (maybe you've heard it in Ocean's Eleven?).  This video is kinda crappy sound quality but I love how it shows how many notes you actually play.  One thing I really miss about being at school is being able to play piano whenever I want.  The one thing I miss the most here at school is my family, especially my mom.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventure to the Library

About an hour ago, I got back from class, sat down, and thought...shit...I didn't get a book yet. So i went to the Library website and typed in "breast cancer prevention" in the MadCat search box.  The first book on the list was titled "Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention." I saw it was from Ebling Library, which is not suprising to me since I know this library is located in the Health Sciences Learning Center.  All of the other books listed as most relevent to my search were also located around that book, and so I knew this was the best place to go.

So I hoped on my bike and rode over to the HSLC.  I walked into Ebling Library and looked around.  It is absolutely gorgeous (not suprising since I'm sure various medical students spend most of their time there).  I had my headphones in and danced my way down the aisle over to the breast health section.  Around the book I had found on MadCat was a giant section completely dedicated to breast cancer.  I spent a while looking through the section, sitting on the floor flipping through books, and found numerous ones with prevention in the title.  The dates of the book range from 1981 to 2004.  Although 1981 may be a bit dated for current applications of breast cancer prevention, I am going to do a sort of evolution of breast cancer prevention, and if anything these books can hopefully give me a good background on techiniques in prevention.  All of the books seemed a bit dated that were specifically about prevention, but I may take a trip back and look at other books that are about breast cancer in general and see what sort of information they have in them.  I checked out 5 books:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer by Lewison and Montague
Call number: WP 870 D536t 1980

Breast Cancer Detection: Mammography and Other Methods in Breast Imaging 2cd Edition by Bassett and Gold
Call number: WP 870 B8258c 1987

Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention by Stoll
Call number: WP 870 A652b 1991

Prevention of Breast Cancer by Fentiman
Call number: WP 870 F342p 1993

Organized Breast Cancer Screening Programs in Canada
Call number: WP 870 O65b 2003-2004

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The advertisement I chose is a television advertisement for the HP Touchsmart PC: a touch-screen computer.  It starts out zooming in on a young man in a dark place.  He raises his hand and with a flick of the wrist violins kick in, playing a fast paced, intense concerto. He lowers his hand and both the music and he fade away into the darkness.  He raises his hand again and begins conducting the music, along with a visual explosion of computer-like images, such as document icons folded like paper airplanes, flying into the sky, exploding like a firework, and raining down in a shower of letters.  The man is in control of everything around him.  The image then zooms out as the man in the room appears on the computer screen, and a hand appears and conducts the images on the screen, just like the man in the beginning.  A voice comes on and says, “The computer, as you’ve never felt it before.”
This commercial is really trying to tap into people’s creativity, and also shows you how much power and control you can have if you buy this computer.  This advertisement falls under Fowles’ category of the Need for Aesthetic Sensations.  Playing the classical music and having this incredible artistic dream world really tries to show people how creative and free they can be if they have this computer.  I believe this advertisement also falls into the category Need to Dominate.  Having the man conducting all of the events around him is showing that, with this computer, the power is in your hand and the possibilities are endless.  I think this is a very effective advertisement.  The creativity of this ad will get people to pay attention and wait to see what the product is that they are selling.   It is very intriguing and very visually appealing throughout the entire advertisement.