Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventure to the Library

About an hour ago, I got back from class, sat down, and thought...shit...I didn't get a book yet. So i went to the Library website and typed in "breast cancer prevention" in the MadCat search box.  The first book on the list was titled "Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention." I saw it was from Ebling Library, which is not suprising to me since I know this library is located in the Health Sciences Learning Center.  All of the other books listed as most relevent to my search were also located around that book, and so I knew this was the best place to go.

So I hoped on my bike and rode over to the HSLC.  I walked into Ebling Library and looked around.  It is absolutely gorgeous (not suprising since I'm sure various medical students spend most of their time there).  I had my headphones in and danced my way down the aisle over to the breast health section.  Around the book I had found on MadCat was a giant section completely dedicated to breast cancer.  I spent a while looking through the section, sitting on the floor flipping through books, and found numerous ones with prevention in the title.  The dates of the book range from 1981 to 2004.  Although 1981 may be a bit dated for current applications of breast cancer prevention, I am going to do a sort of evolution of breast cancer prevention, and if anything these books can hopefully give me a good background on techiniques in prevention.  All of the books seemed a bit dated that were specifically about prevention, but I may take a trip back and look at other books that are about breast cancer in general and see what sort of information they have in them.  I checked out 5 books:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer by Lewison and Montague
Call number: WP 870 D536t 1980

Breast Cancer Detection: Mammography and Other Methods in Breast Imaging 2cd Edition by Bassett and Gold
Call number: WP 870 B8258c 1987

Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention by Stoll
Call number: WP 870 A652b 1991

Prevention of Breast Cancer by Fentiman
Call number: WP 870 F342p 1993

Organized Breast Cancer Screening Programs in Canada
Call number: WP 870 O65b 2003-2004

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